Friday, October 24, 2014

pREISE & game epiphanies in o tigre de Lisboa: #3: life in patterns. de·picture

(the text is based on the images but is to be read before viewing them)
In the big picture- multiplying multiplied patterns
Grids within grids within grids
Regulations and repetitions
The power of repetition
The small ones are more than the big ones
There would be no big ones without the small ones
The small ones vary, the big ones not
We do not see the end of both
But somehow we know it is there
From a distance only the big ones are to distinguish
The smallest we do not see
Multiple possibilities to play
No one plays
Did anybody else imagined to play on this abundance of grids

 in L size 
in M size
in S size

Xs&Os from Lisbon

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