Thursday, October 23, 2014

pREISE & game epiphanies in o tigre de Lisboa: #2: life in patterns

Patterns recognition is said to happen automatically and spontaneously.

Sometimes I just register patterns (as in the pips patterns post) and enjoy the uncertainty of speculations, questions unanswered, stories behind, reasons for the coincidences ...

The patterns of lines that cross each other to form squares, the grids, are the ones I appropriated the most (Space Appropriators and the CHAlleNGED Tic-tac-toes series). When not appropriating, I indulge myself, automatically and spontaneously, with the hidden pleasure of a human being, with insufficient capacities, to imagine CHAlleNGING my own limits and defying normality, regulations, laws of physics and powers of nature playing on grids, of all sizes, locations and orientations.The kick out of letting the image of what, how and with whom can be played linger.

Prior the pREISE I placed a mark ”Punkt XOX” on Lisboa 2014, our places-to-visit map. 

Praça da Figueira as a fly-above playground. 


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