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CDoupbles :: LIfE

The "F" brings the lie to life.
Life without "F" is a lie. 

This calls for an "F" list ;)

A set of 4 coasters

Veronika Tzekova, CDoupbles, 2013 - ongoing

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CDoupbles :: CDoupble

A set of 6 coasters

Veronika Tzekova, CDoupbles, 2013 - ongoing

Playing and reshuffling design and language, with little respect to design rules, with big fascination for fonts, and endless longing for extended meanings…

Some samples of the verbal part from the CDoupbles series on coasters will be coming here in the next days. Me is going to get a beer, shuffle and flip.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tic-tac-toed Checked paper ::: enlivening the pattern system

"Systems only become meaningful as they are inhabited, explored, and manipulated by people. In the coming century, what will become important will not be just systems, but human systems...

Play emerges from more rigid systems, but it does not take those systems for granted. It plays with them, modifying, transgressing, and reinventing. We must learn to approach problem-solving with a spirit of playfulness; not to resist, but to embrace transformation and change. As a paradigm for innovation in the coming century, play will increasingly inform how we learn, work, and create culture."

Eric Zimmerman
Gaming Literacy

Thursday, November 7, 2013

...formal systems are based on changeable axioms and that conceptual operations have a game like nature.

“… formal systems are based on changeable axioms and that conceptual operations have a game like nature."

Ivan Ilich[i]

[i] ‚…daß formale Systeme auf veränderlichen Axiomen errichtet werden und daß der Umgang mit Begriffen spielerischen Charakter hat.“

Ivan Ilich

The HOL Tic-tac-toe questioned (or proved) it, leaving the IKEA table and landing on urban facilities around the city.