Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spending quality time with a bottle of wine

Some days ago a wine bottle flashed at me from a shop window. 

This encounter really deserves my blog label “Game Epiphanies”. It brings together my fascination with wine, patterns, games, and hidden messages.

Thanks to Mrs. Regina Triebaumer from Weingut Günter u. Regina Triebaumer, the missing threes were found:

TRIE is a nickname for Triebaumer, if to be translated, means THREE TREES.

TRIE ROT consists of THREE WINE VARIETIES. Mainly Zweigelt and additionally Cabernet Sauvignon and St. Laurent.

And tic-tac-toe was also in mind, when the label was designed. Though the the Xs and Os are some kind of placeholders, the tic-tac-toe is involved as it ends up with THREE again. In German it is even called DREI gewinnt (EN: THREE wins).

3X3 (but also 3x4) game grid is to be recognized in the label design, perfect prerequisite for tic-tac-toe (or THREE in a row).

I shifted the original roles and turned the letters into placeholders, apart of the O in ROT. THREE game situations are to be recognized in the label design, X wins in two of them and one the games ends in a draw. Bellow are the original label configuration and the game situations I discovered in the THREE ROT label.

A truly CHAlleNGING GAME experience. I guess I can call this

spending quality time
with a bottle of wine