Monday, June 24, 2013

Fused Games: Diced Tic-tac-toe #3, 2013

Veronika Tzekova, Diced Tic-tac-toe #3, 2013

9 cubes are arranged in 3x3 grid. Each cube has two sides indicating “X”, two indicating “O” and two empty ones. At the beginning all cubes are placed with empty side on top.
The goal is as in the classic tic-tac-toe to arrange 3 of one’s sign in a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). The player who arranges the row first wins.
The  Playing Cards Dice sets consists of:
    • Two sets each designed as side of the traditional six sided dice with dots from 1-6. One of the diced sets has bigger dots, one smaller dots.
    • Two aces, one indicating “X” and one indicating “O”. 
    • The players through the XO Dice to decide who is playing with the “X” and who is playing with the “O”.  Than the players play in turns with the “X”. 
The players shuffle the cards and deal those 7 to each player.
The players place cards one after each other. The “X” player places a card first at the beginning. The one with the stronger card takes both cards and makes a move. Each move consists of rotations of a single cube in a single direction equal to the sum of both cards.
If a player has the ace with its own sign can make a two moves.
If a player has the ace with the opponent sign can make a move with a cube with the sign of the opponent on the top. The aces a stronger than the cards with the dots. “X” ace beats “O” ace.
When the first seven cards are over the game continues with the cards each player collected. If a player has not collected any cards, loses the game and the game is over.

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