Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fused Games: Diced Tic-tac-toe #1, 2013

Veronika Tzekova, Diced Tic-tac-toe #1, 2013

The familiar tic-tac-toe game, once got CHAlleNGED by getting 3D and second by fusing the original rules with rolling of a customized dice.

Nine cubes are arranged in 3x3 grid. Each cube has two sides indicating “X”, two indicating “O” and two empty ones. At the beginning all cubes are placed with empty side on top.

The XO Dice has six sides, as three are indicating “X” and three “O”.

The goal is as in the classic tic-tac-toe to arrange 3 of one’s sign in a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). The player who arranges the row first wins.

Players roll the dice in turns.

The first indication of the dice decides the signs with which each of the players will play. For example: player A throws, and “X” is indicated. Player A makes move when X is indicated, and player B when “O” is indicated.

Each move is only one turn of a single cube in any desired direction.
And to make the experience more versatile and offer more material for philosophical speculations on how this represents reality two version can be played.

Version I: When the opponent sign is indicated by the dice, one can move a cube with the opponent sign on top. If not skips move.

Version II: When the opponent sign is indicated by the dice, the opponent is entitled to make a move. The player is forced to play in favor of the opponent.

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