Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Space Appropriator #6 / Safety Overturned


Space Appropriator #6 / Safety Overturned (Пир во время чумы / A Feast in Time of Plague / Das Gelage während der Pest)

Re-purposing of urban furniture (large security bollards)
Textiles, sparkling wine, glass
1 August, 2020
Sonnenfelsplatz, Graz, Austria

The series of urban interventions “Space Appropriators” comment on modes of use and behaviour in common spaces in cities. Each “Space Appropriator” employs different situation in the urban fabric in order to question the Status Quo of variety of urban spaces and elements.

“Space Appropriator #6 / Safety Overturned” is the Graz version of “Space Appropriator #6 / Security Overturned” (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011, 2012). By converting the large security bollards in front of the residence of the British Ambassador in Sofia into cocktail tables, “Space Appropriator #6 / Security Overturned" highlighted the conflict between many private interests in the otherwise common public space.

“Ruinart” is the oldest established Champagne house, exclusively producing champagne since 1729 and let's say it is not the cheapest. Syllabified „Ruinart“ is ruin·art.
“Space Appropriator #6 / Safety Overturned” took place at Sonnenfelsplatz, Graz, Austria, a “Begegnungszone“ (en. „encounter zone“) - a form of traffic calming regulation, in which among others, pedestrians have right of way over vehicles.

It was summer of 2020, times of social distancing.

Toast to art, artists and shared experiences!
There are in total 11 safety bollards at Sonnenfelsplatz, which can be turned into cocktail tables, without violating the rules of social distancing, but it is questionable if the distance between them is sufficient for socializing.

Concept and intervention:
Veronika Tzekova
Richard Edelsbrunner
Johannes Wolfgang Sfiligoj
Video Editing:
Johannes Wolfgang Sfiligoj

© 2020 Veronika Tzekova

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