Friday, August 22, 2014

CDoupbles:: mORAL(ITY) (applying the set theory on mORAL(ITY)

As from yesterday post can be concluded that visual representation of language matters. In this row of thoughts, looking at the two words bellow as sets, a Venn diagram showing the logical relations between the two sets can be made. Obviously, the intersection of moral(ity) and oral(ity) is oral(ity), moral(ity) contains oral(ity), or oral(ity) is a subset of moral(ity), and also its complement. The union of moral(ity) and oral(ity) is moral(ity). On the other hand there is no moral(ity) without the oral(ity) and the oral(ity) continues to exist undisturbed if the moral(ity) is eliminated.

A set of (8) coasters

Veronika Tzekova, CDoupbles, 2013 - ongoing

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