Monday, September 23, 2013

XO City playing workshop @ Frida & freD, Graz

The XO City is a creative framework, recently realized as a playing workshop at the Grazer Kinder museum Frida&freD in 2013 ( ): playing regular and irregular tic-tac-toe, with and without boarders, with and on anything within our built and designed environment.

XO City fuses both, game and urban design patterns, in search for a new meaning of games and aims to create alternative models of thinking about our environment. Through introduction of architectural styles from the city and details of the built and designed environment, the viewers are invited to play the familiar tic-tac-toe game on the cityscape. XO City encourages participants to observe and establish proactive relationship with their environment. The project as well aims raising curiosity and stimulating spontaneous engagement with one's immediate surrounding. XO City turns the city from passive scenography into attractive playground.

XO City framework has been tested in the form of photo series and participatory events in cooperation with several other institutions amongst which Archeological Museum and Concordia Design Center in Poznan, Poland (2012). Collection of playable postcards in etui cover, featuring the cityscape of Poznan was published in 2013 by the Municipal Publishing House of the city of Poznan.

Veronika Tzekova, XO City/ Graz, 2013

Veronika Tzekova, BOLMEN Tic-tac-toe, Frida & freD Museum, 2013


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