Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fused Games: SHOGUNed Tic-tac-toe, 2013

SHOGUN is Ravensburger strategic game with element of luck published in 1979. It is played on 8x8 grid, and each player has 7 pawns and 1 Shogun. Each piece has a window, which shows a number indicating the number of moves that piece can make. There are many magnets under the board, which causes the number automatically change after each move of the pawns or the Shogun.

The SHOGUNed Tic-tac-toe, is played using the SHOGUN game board and pawns. After the different fusions with puzzles, here the tic-tac-toe fuses with another strategic game. The fused game is, playing tic-tac-toe, by using the props and rules of the Shogun game. The goal is as in the regular tic-tac-toe to make a line of three. The manner of playing is irregular, meaning that no 3x3 grid is predefined, it appears, and may also disappear, in the course of the game.
SHOGUN game set
Veronika Tzekova, SHOGUNed Tic-tac-toe, 2013
How the pieces are moved:
The number showing on the piece indicates how many squares the piece has to be moved (1 to 4 for the pawns and 1 to 2 for the Shogun). The number on the piece changes while it is being moved around the board.
The pieces can be moved only horizontally and vertically, not diagonally. In each move only one right angle is allowed.
A piece can never jump over another piece.
A piece can not be moved forwards and backwards in the same move.
Once the 3x3 tic-tac-toe grid is defined on the Shogun board the pieces can be moved only within it. When not yet defined, the pieces move in imaginary 3x3 grid.

How to capture:
Any piece can capture any of the opponent pieces by landing on the square occupied by the piece at the end of the move. The captured piece is removed from the board.

End of game:

Game is when either one of the players composes a line (winning) or when one is left without pawns (loosing).

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