Friday, January 3, 2014


One-row-Tic-tac-toe: same rules, same tools, just the geometry of the game field is altered, the three rows of the 3x3 game grid are situated one after each other and become one row. 

This CHANGE definitely comes with a CHAlleNGE. Imagine the former game field, just unfolded. It is a bit schizophrenic performance as one simultaneously, virtually places the game in the familiar two dimensional game grid but actually performs in the new, one dimensional game field. Don't be afraid, it is a gift to be able to operate considering more than one system at the time. The past, the familiar stay. If one handles them properly they are only here to help and yet the focus should stay on the new linear constellation. Test  yours and the game resilience by applying the accumulated knowledge and experience in a new set.

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